Cooking Demo @ Heinen’s

heinens 1

In the Cafe at Heinen’s in Avon Commons – Nicole from the Wellness Team prepares a dish using seitan and tofu. This was presented as an option for those who are just beginning to transition away from the Standard American Diet (SAD).

On Tuesday, May 5th 2015, Heinen’s in Avon Commons rolled out the green carpet to welcome our group for a casual morning meet & greet.  Their staff provided a cooking demo with food samples followed by a store tour to highlight their plant-based products.

Heinen’s has bent over backwards to accommodate us, to learn as much as possible about our lifestyle, and to try to improve their on-hand inventory of items like oil-free hummus, nutritional yeast, oil-free salad dressings, and more.  I’m told they will be carrying miso very soon!

heinens 2

More than 40 guests attended and sampled a variety of products including oil-free hummus and cashew “cheese”.


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